New Members Class

Becoming a member of the local church is an important part of our Christian walk. God calls us to be in fellowship with other believers and if we ask Him, He will direct us to the church where we should plant ourselves. He wants us to be in a body where we will mature in our relationship with him and use our talents to help build up His church.

We welcome anyone who would like more information about our church to attend our New Member Classes. It’s a wonderful way to meet some of the pastors & leaders, meet other people and address any questions you may have about Testimony Church.

New Members Class is accomplished over 2 parts. The first being, the history & vision of Testimony Church; and the second being, your part of being a member of Testimony Church. Read more…

Frequently Ask Questions:

When does the class take place?

Sundays @ 9am, before church service on – NOV 5TH& NOV 12TH

How long does the class last?

45 minutes. Don’t worry we will finish in time for you to grab your seat for service.

Upcoming Classes:

  • MAY 5TH & 12TH
  • AUG 4TH & 11TH
  • NOV 3RD &10TH